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Tap and Connect for Alumni & Trade Associations

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For the Members

Improved inter-member connections

Search, tap, and connect with fellow members

Member Benefits
  • Search fellow members
  • Tap to email, call, or WhatsApp
  • Fully mobile compatible
  • Nothing to download or install
More Member Benefits
  • DND for privacy freaks
  • Birthday and Anniversary list of the day on the dashboard
  • Update your data yourself

Association Benefits

Easier management of the directory plus revenue opportunity

Association Benefits
  • Add new members easily
  • Send notices and circulars to all/groups
  • User-friendly management
  • Manage the entire system from your mobile
More Association Benefits
  • Cloud based software
  • No stress for backup/updates
  • Download full data-set anytime
  • Full data security, we never contact your members
Even More Association Benefits
  • Automated greetings to members on birthday and anniversary days
  • Easy, slab-based pricing
  • Revenue potential with simple sponsor ads

Check out the ease of management yourself!